Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Accidental Pilgrims: Part Three

The two interpid pilgrims set off for their destination, whizzing through countryside and town, on a mission to tread new footprints on their quest for simple joy and spiritual enlightenment! Not sure where the Abba comes in, but all good journeys need a soundtrack, and the irony of Money, Money, Money seemed to fit well with the incongruent juxtaposition of the vow of Poverty made by Francis and the proliferation of expenses religious articles, spiritual tourist tat, pricey cafes and parade of posh cars and clothing. The chalice, by the way, on later enquiry was over ?2000. That girl has exquisite taste...but we were happy to have our wooden Tau crosses and our penny flights and packed lunches. You don't need money to appreciate the beauty and magical quality of Assisi. You just need a strong pair of shoes, a few weeks to spare and a lovely Friar to be your host! Keep tuned for our adventures with the Bishop and more... Will Angela find spiritual enlightenment? Will Vik develop a sense of direction? All will be revealed in next week's episode of...

Reservoir Dubbs

Our pal Angela came up the other weekend for a visit, with the lovely Pete. We decided to go for a walk on Sunday to the Queen's Head at Troutbeck. Luckily the weather held off long enough to get there and enjoy a well deserved pint or two and some yummy grub. On the way, we passed Dubbs Reservoir and were shocked to find a proliferation of Warning signs, from danger of getting your eyeball ripped out with a stray fishing line, to drowning in deep water, to death by electrocution, to, most surprisingly, danger of breeding Adders! (this is the Lake District!). It appears the countryside is not such a gentle place to be, but hey, that's what we like - a sense of danger and a feeling of living life on the edge...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Accidental Pilgrims: Part Two

Here is the next episode of Vik and Angela's journey to Assisi. Tired after the excitement of the travel, teh two interpid pilgrims head out for an evening of eating, drinking and midnight sight-seeing in Pisa. They finally got back to the hotel at 4am, after taking a wrong turn and following the Via Di Francesco for 3 hours in the direction of Rome! Now that is what we call following in the footsteps of a saint...
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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bottom Union Promo

Don't speak I'm on otto bun

Byron speaks again

Tunes in the head stay and words remain, locked in a culture cupboard of annoying syntax.?
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