Friday, November 04, 2005

The Alchemist and Sharp Enemy

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These are a couple of short films to poems by Gill Hands and Vik Bennett, first published by Wild Women Press.

The Alchemist

The sky, stictched from squares of bruised blue,
reminds us of change -
the way the future seems
both clear and dangerous.

Our eyes search out brief moments of sun,
the spaces between,
in which our word becomes flame,
suddenly hopeful.

Like the alchemist,
we long to find the secret
that will turn our base metals
into gold.

(Fragile Bodies, Wild Women Press, 2004)

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Sharp Enemy

You were nettles and brambles
surrounded by thorns.
Surprisingly your kiss
was a sweet briar fruit.

(Internet Love Slut, Wild Women Press, 2004)

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