Wednesday, February 22, 2006


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I've been busy visiting family recently, driving up and down the country, combine this with my drive to work for the last few years and this is what you get. The mileage on the car has just gone round the clock.


Paul Knight said...

I was thinking to myself as the video started, oh this is a good idea, watching the clock go from 99999 to 00000, but then I spotted the car wasn't moving at this point, then you started moving, brilliant, just brilliant you captured THAT moment when suddenly a car becomes NEW again. But who in their right minds puts a clock with only 100,000 miles on the clock, must be a British car.LOL

bottomunion said...

yes, rolling an odometer is a momentous
occasion. Of course I would love a bit more detail,
knowing what kinda car it is would increase my
joy even more.

Adam & Vik said...

Aw hell your right bottomunion
I will remix it and post later this week cos it now wont stop popping up in ma head, saying "change me, change me"