Friday, June 09, 2006

revlog - Convent trip

Watch the video

As the transmission of The Convent approaches (June 14th, BBC2 9pm), we thought it would be fun to share with you again those initial nervous thoughts, as I prepared for the journey.

Remember to visit for updates and books, it will be updated on the 15th June.


Paul Knight said...

Damn I missed the first episode due to Jet Lag. Am I forgiven. Thanks for watching ALL of my footage, there is but one more to come, but that's a special and may not appeal to anyone who didn't attend, in fact most won't get the joke. So I will set the video for the next time it's on. I have already seen the trailer with Vik on the bed, a brief glimpse. I will watch and be in thrawled of course. Did you mention Videoblogging at all in the doc, if so what was the response?

BolletjeWol said...

I'm always terribly curious when I see someone reading a book, so I paused the video to check out which book you were reading and promptly bought a book of Murakami's (Wild Sheep's Chase - as I couldn't find Dance, Dance, Dance here in the Netherlands) . A very good 'suggestion'! I loved it.