Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Tribute to the Universal Ladyboy

Watch the video
Inspired by The Dark Blonde and with a day to spare while Vik was on a course for "Shameless" trainees, I toiled away and now offer this cut out tribute.


Gill said...

Darling, it is a worthy tribute. I am such a naughty little minx aren't I?

mwah mwah sweetie

The ULB xxxxxxxxxxxx

bottomunion said...

Great animation. I love crude cut-out animation, the lof-fi has such a charm that is only attainable when it's genuine. I think the choice of music for this was too easy though. Might've been more powerful with something less obvious. Is that a bad thing to say? Do you understand what I'm saying?

Adam & Vik said...

No... I get it, and thanks for the crit, I very rarely get any of worth.

Gill said...

Yeah I kind of agree but was put on the spot to think of something! I think the song is maybe a bit too long?? But I've always liked it. Maybe a hymn (or shim) would be good but I don't know too many of them!! Anyone got suggestions???
Ruth found a mantra on a CD that goes Shim-a Shim-a. That could work!!