Saturday, February 02, 2008


Thanks to Holly at Canon Camera Buzz we get to play with a Canon HG10 for a month. The one great thing about a HDD camera is there are no tapes to lose and this camera can cope with low light. I am also enjoying iMovie 08, I am sure much to everyone's surprise, but it is fast and I can just about edit the whole thing with one hand while bouncing our new baby son in my other arm. I am also trying to keep up with Semanal weekly vlogs! I am behind as this is number 2. Ah well Django makes it all work while. I am just about to get out in the snow. Later Folks Adam, Vik and Django
Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)


Canon said...

Django - welcome to the world! Adorable!Congrats Adam and Vik


John Challis said...

You've been linked too!

Off to a day of photography on Sunday, another one of those treaure hunt thingys!

Will post/blog/digitise the results soon!

Robert Croma said...

Ah, welcome to the big world beautiful Django.

Jay Dedman just said in an email:

"I see semanal as a project that is always open whenever you want.
The last thing i need is another job or stress.

So skip weeks, post videos to old weeks, whatever. The key to me is just to watch what others are doing and jump in as you see fit."

Viva the creative act.