Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Morecambe - Canon HG10 - Semanal 5

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Adam has written below about our experience of the HG10 camera this month. I have to say it won me over for ease of use and general gorgeousness of shot quality - even I could use it one handed whilst jiggling baby - but didn't have much chance to, to be honest. However, I did live with the camera present every moment just about - which, as Adam says below, caused a few annoyed comments from me when tired!

Anyway - this little film captures the joy of the last week when, with a surprise week of free time in Adam's full diary, we got to enjoy time as a family in this glorious and unusual Spring weather. This film is of an outing to Morecambe Bay. The three of us went last week after Django had to go to the Maxillo Facial Unit to have his tongue tie 'released' - a very upsetting affair for me as we had to leave him to the surgeon. But in the end, he is happier for it and able to eat more. Which is how this little film ends - me feeding him, sitting in the fading sun of Morecambe Bay...blissfool.

When Django is older he will wonder why it was only the first month of his is life was recorded with such beautiful image quality...

now - if someone somewhere has a car they would like us to try out as a family...do send it along!

Here is what Adam has to say...bit more technical...

Our months trial of the HG10 is finally up and I have hardly posted a fraction of the footage we have ... The Semanal Project thankfully gives me the perfect excuse to try and put the footage together ... So with my son sleeping in one arm and using a pen and tablet to edit iMovie08 in the other I have put together a little walk about we had along Morecambe beach.

The great thing we liked about the HG10 - especially for what I do - is its super fast focus and zoom- it is great for capturing that visual moment - Vik did tell me off because I have been glued to the view finder ... whispering "nice" and "Yes" sad and I can imagine annoying. Still we got some excellent shots that I will be sharing with you in the next few weeks (yes the hard drive is packed) Which reminds me if you do get this camera .. and I am saving for one right now ... get a 1TB external firewire drive too ... you will need it.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


Robert Croma said...

Ah...serenity. I needed that. Calm waters. Beautiful imagery. God, I can't wait for the Spring, my favourite time. I can smell it in the air.

Adam & Vik said...

I ran a workshop with some kids in their science lesson today - making films about climate change and they said that spring is already here.... daffodils, sunshine, ambient warmth ... we are used to (in the North west) rain, hard rain for years at a time.

rob parrish said...

My goodness, that was nice. Jug of Tea . . . as an American, that was nicely transporting to another place . . . a nice place. Nice . . . nice word, don't you think.

Stiff drink on an empty stomach, and this can happen. ;-)

I do sincerely love the video.

Tim said...

This is one of those videos that makes me want to be in that place right now. Immediately. Go!

Damn. It didn't work.

Anonymous said...

That was gorgeous! Thanks for the little bit of peaceful.

Rupert said...

Wow. That really is beautiful - that picture quality is incredible. Great choice of music, too.
Great moments to treasure with Django - nice that they're recorded so prettily!