Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gold tooth

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Arrr, ahoy, ok this mornin' Me went t' the dentist t' get my gold cap fitted, and then I started t' feel all strange and a tremblin' came all o'er me like I was verily a pirate - lots o' garhhs, stubble and mad crazy eye. A pence for an old man o'de sea? 'ery rough and ready but Me just couldn't help myself. Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty, gar!

The pirate translation is thanks to


Paul Knight said...

That was good me hearties? Me thinks the treasure is buried in your mouth, I shall get me spade and find out out some day!!! arg!!
That was well done how did you get the bandaner and eyepatch and scar on your face. That was the coolest bit. Oh and another thing how did you get itunes to work properly with track info etc, I always get gobbledigook when I have tried it on mine?

Matthew said...

"Just like Narnia but with less snow" lol excellent.
Hi Adam it's Matt here - I saw the geneous videos that you made, unfortunately there was no sound because i'm at the Library right now and I can't seem to think how to start off the personal statement..grrr. Anyways good job on the site, keep extending it because by the time I become a filmmaker I want you and Janine by my side and we can make a film!!! 3 talents in one project - my god -


Matthew said...

my God that was bludy pain in't arse. to post a comment, I had to not only create an account, but had to build a friggin website to be able to make an account. Adam, build your OWN website