Monday, January 16, 2006

The trip to the Convent

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This is our trip down from Cumbria to London to drop Vik off for the Convent program (see previous post). Feeling nervous and vulnerable about what to expect we fumble our way down to London and say our goodbye's. It will be six weeks before we see one another, will we both be changed or stay the same? I really don't know, but it feels strange, a little sad and at the same time hopeful. All I do know is that we will be out of modern contact, so no phone calls or emails just letters (which I prefer anyway).


Paul Knight said...

Looks good, but I tried to use both your feedburnerfeed and you 1 click itunes chicklet and it doesn't want to know, I think you may have to log into feedburner and turn smartcasting on. Skype me, pjkproductions, and i'll show you how to do it. Also having trouble watching Virgin Invader, but that could be me.

Paul Knight said...
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